Joe Godsall

There’s nothing Joe Godsall (AKA London Joe) enjoys more than a good moan. Actually, I think he likes bikes too... The London born welder is one of those style before tricks bread of riders that are becoming an increasingly rare sight these days. That’s not to say he can’t throw a rapid tailwhip or clicked lookbook though.

Joe is happiest at a nice big set of trails or a skatepark with proper transitions; not so much when people put pegs on his bike. He is also a lycra clad roadie, has made a sprocket, is making a frame, always rides a dialled bike, has had the odd riding trip to Australia and Malaga and is about to set off travelling around the world for a year. Here’s what he has to say about January.

Photo by Levi Jackonia in Cairns esplanade skatepark, Australia.

Age: 26

Living in: Exeter

Occupation: Welder

Years riding: Over ten.

Sponsors: Me, myself and I.

Style or tricks? Style any day.

Music: Pantera, Pink Floyd, Mos Def.

Favourite riding spot: Somewhere outdoors, not feeling riding indoor parks. Arroyo trails in Spain!

Favourite rider(s): Bohan, Doyle, Chase Hawke any one with floaty style and good simple tricks.

Favourite quote/advice/motto: Work hard play hard.

Interesting fact about yourself/the world: I ride road bikes wearing lycra and have cycled from London to Paris the last two summers.

2011 highlight(s): Spanish trip with Mike Bennett and Worzel. Just a shame Mike broke himself (broken collarbone due to bar snap).

Firsts of 2012

Ride (date): 02/01/2012

Ride (spot): Honiton mini ramp.

People you rode with: Carrot.

Trick: Look back which I was stoked with as I have not flexed one for ages.

Case: Never a good session without a nice hook up from height.

Overshoot/flat-landing: Don’t remember landing flat!

Slam: No slams either.

Injury/wound: No thank you.

Bike fail/break: Got a flatty.

New trick/line: ...

Thing that scared you: The cold on my hands.

Funny moment: The usual comments from the local kids.

Best edit you’ve seen this year (see left)

Plans/goals for 2012: Travel the world, see lots of culture. Off with my girl going to Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Bali, Australia, Fiji, New Zealand and China! Not taking my bike but may get it shipped to Australia. I figured I’ve been to Australia twice BMX’ing so I’m going to just see the world.

Have fun dude!

See below for videos of Joe, edited by Mike Bennett.

Thumbnail photo on Firsts page taken by Tom Goldsmith.

Photo: Russell Pike

Photo: Chris Ratford

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