Jay Cowley

Tiverton is a small rural town located in Devon 20 minutes up the M5 from Exeter, and it doesn’t exactly have the best reputation among folk from nearby areas. There is barely a BMX scene but there is a skatepark and a BMX track.

All in all it is an unlikely breeding ground for exceptional BMX talent. Enter Jay Cowley.

Jay’s riding looks professional; he is incredibly consistent, smooth, has a large trick bag and is highly adaptable. Whether it’s going huge at a set of trails or being tech on a coping it all looks effortless.

Here is an introduction to the Diamondback rider.

Age: 22

Living in: A pub in Tiverton, Devon.

Occupation: Owner of The Bike Shop.

Years riding: 18 years, raced BMX for 14 years and have been riding trails and park for the last 4 years.

Sponsors: Diamondback, Affix, The bike shop, Boardnation, Vandal.

Style or tricks: I like a bit of both.

Music: Anything with gets me pumped to ride.

Favourite riding spot: A barn hidden in the deepest darkest part of Devon.

Favourite rider(s): I love riding with people which ride for the right reason which is to have fun, but I am a fan of Chris Doley and Tom Dugan.

Favourite quote: Seen it till you bend it!

Favourite piece of advice: Just remember why you started riding BMX; It was because it was fun, so remember that and don’t take it so serious.

Interesting fact about yourself: I knocked 4 teeth out last year riding. I also have a particular order of padding up before I go riding ha.

2011 highlights: Riding dirt as NASS, and the K-hole jam weekend. A jump over some sick super cars at Terminal 1 skatepark with Scott Hamlin and Martyn Cooper, and just loving being on my bike.

Firsts of 2012

Ride: My first ride this year was at Terminal 1 skatepark in Melton Mowbray. I like that park, but I haven’t felt properly comfortable riding there yet. I guess its the 3 hours in the car to get there which isn’t so nice..

Trick: My friends i ride with all know that I love a good 3 whip, and stretched out tails whips...

Injury: I stabbed my thumb on a barspin the other day. It still hurts.

Bike fail/brake: Snapped a crankarm just before xmas on a turn no hander at south molton park.

Plans for 2012: My plans for this year are to travel across the UK more to ride as there are some places i love riding, and I want to get there and ride them some more. I’m also going to try and stay fit and heathy, stay on my bike and have fun and just see what comes up and just roll with it.

Photo: Jonathan Williams

Photo: Jonathan Williams

Photo: Jonathan Williams

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