Jamie Skinner shreds. He’s been bar spinning for a decade and knows how to boost a quarter. Skindog regularly goes huge at the skatepark and on the streets. Nothing really phases him, apart from dirt...

He was noticed by Tim Ruck a couple years ago who put him on The Boarding House team, before being picked up by Radio Bikes in 2011.

The Exeter hardman is on his bike pushing himself nearly everyday. Watch out for Jamie Skinner at your local park, rail or comp.

Full interview here

Jamie Skinner

Photo: Jonathan Williams

Age: 23

Living in: Exeter

Years riding: 10

Sponsors: The Boarding House, Radio Bikes/CSG

Style or tricks? Tricks

Music: Drum & Bass

Favourite riding spot: The Cheese Cake Factory

Favourite rider(s): Simone Barraco

Favourite quote/advice/motto: I don’t even Smoke

Interesting fact: I only Weigh 11.5

2011 highlight(s): Trip up to Scotland with the lads


Ride: January 1st at The Cheese Cake Factory with Mowgs, Holms, Curry

Trick: Barspin

Case: I never case

Overshoot/flat-landing: Landing flat everyday

Slam: Everyday

Best edit you’ve seen this year? (see below)

Injury/wound: Peg to the knee has probably been the worse so far

Bike fail/break: Chain snappers

New trick/line: Ice 180s

Thing that scared you: Watching Punkus ride the cheesecake factory

Funny moment: Holmsy telling everyone he is a top Asian

Plans/goals for 2012: Ride more street and not spend all summer in skate parks

Photo: Tom Goldsmith

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