James Holmes

James Holmes is one of Crediton’s (and Exeter’s) most progressive street riders. He learns fast and is constantly breaking his bike in an effort to keep up with Exeter’s best.

He’s been picking up sponsors at a prolific rate through riding hard and standing out at comps (going upside down wherever possible). Whilst James is a natural on a ledge or quarter, he is like a fish out of water at a set of trails. When it comes to tricks however he knows what’s up.

I’m sure he will work on his trails skills at a later date. For now though here’s what the GT bicycles young gun has to say about his January park and street antics.

Age: 20

Living in: Exeter

Years riding: 4

Sponsors: GT, Xposure, CSG

Style or tricks? Tricks

Music: Mainly indie rock and hiphop but I’ll listen to anything if it’s good.

Favourite riding spot: Flowerpot skatepark, Crediton street.

Favourite rider(s): Dennis Enarson, Alex Kennedy

Interesting fact about yourself/the world: I’m addicted to Gherkins and Eastenders hahaha.

2011 highlight(s): Living at Unit23 skatepark in Scotland for a week.


Ride (date): New years day, I was so hungover from New Years Eve hah.

Ride (spot): I think it was at the cheesecake factory.

People you rode with: The usual exeter crew Harry, Skinner, Curry and the rest.

Trick: Probably a barspin.

Case: Airing the big quarter at (Flower)pots.

Overshoot/flat-landing: I haven't really ridden any jumps yet this year, landed flat on a few airs though.

Slam: Shooting a 180 barspin pic with Tom Goldsmith.

Injury/wound: My ankles are always pretty painful.

Bike fail/break: punctures!!!

New trick/line: Umm Finally landed a 180 tailwhip yesterday, pretty stoked on that.

Thing that scared you: Not sure if this was the last week of 2011 or the first week of 2012 but filming the backflip at the end of mine and skinners latest edit was sooo scary.

Funny moment We were riding street up at the uni and the security guard came to kick us out, we were all sat around on our bikes and he started radioing through asking for back up, saying we had pulled a knife on him, that we were getting aggressive and that he was fearing for his life. It was hilarious.

Best edit you’ve seen this year: See left.

Plans/goals for 2012: Travel more, ride abroad, keep having fun.

Shoutouts? CSG and all my friends I ride with for being so badass hah.

Follow me on twitter @JHHolmz

Photo: Jason Colledge

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