James Curry

I’ve seen James Curry boss some pretty big street lines at the park. He rides with little fear and loves a unique grind combo. Unlike some kids who do it purely for fashion James’s four pegs brakeless setup matches his style perfectly.

Watch out for his first proper edit to drop over the coming months, it’s bound to ooze creativity.

Here’s how January treated him:

Age: 19

Living in: Exeter

Occupation: Unemployed!

Years riding: Probably around six years with large gaps!

Sponsors: Never, Just chilling!

Style or tricks? GRINDS!

Music: Urrmm hip-hop, reggae.

Favourite riding spot: Any street spots or Arena if I have to say a skatepark!

Favourite rider(s): Ty Morrow, Scott Ditchburn, Tammy, there are so many!

Favourite quote/advice/motto: YEEWWWWW!

Interesting fact about yourself/the world: I smoke!

2011 highlight(s): Exeter Ride To Glory for sure.


Ride (date):

Everyday! so most proberly New Years Day

Ride (spot):

Flower Pots

People you rode with:

Jamie Skinner, Harry Mills Wakeley... I can’t really remember haha.


A Pegs 180 maybe!




Every DAY!


Most days!


All the time. Right now I’ve got a wounded right Knee!

Bike fail/break:

I snap spokes all the time! it’s annoying.

New trick/line:

Hop Whips, oppo smith oppo hardway.

Thing that scared you:

I try to scare myself everyday but probably a hand rail.

Funny moment:

When one of the boys told a scooter kid that he could have this other kids bike!!.... And he just took it!

Best edit you’ve seen this year:

This is just the trailer as the video isn’t online (see left).

Plans/goals for 2012:



Shout out to Tim Ruck for inviting me to Mount Hawke for the Boarding House Christmas Trip!

Photo: Tom Goldsmith

Photo: Callum Earnshaw

Thumbnail photo: Dan Nockolds (crook arm grind to 180 out)

Photo: Jonathan Williams

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