Age: 17 years old

Living in: Exeter

Years riding: 6

Sponsors: The boarding house, 4 Down distribution

Style or tricks? Style all the way

Music: Old school hip-hop

Favourite riding spot: Thecheesecakefactory

Favourite rider(s): Simone Barraco, Dakota Roche, Nathan Williams, Geoff Slattery

Favourite quote/advice/motto: Oi have a word

Interesting fact about yourself/the world: I think I’m addicted to bananas.

2011 highlight(s): Umm there was so many, the main ones were going to Scotland for a 10 day road trip, the cookie jam, and our own ride to glory.


Ride (date)


Ride (spot)


People you rode with:

James Holmes, James curry, Jamie skinner, Phill Preston and all the Exeter nipps.


Ahh can’t remember probably an ice pick grind.


Jumping one of the transfers at thecheesecakefactory and not going fast enough.


Mount hawke jump boxes are generally done to flat ha!!


Trying to jump the bars in a hang-5 and getting both legs caught on the bars and landing straight to my kness, that one hurt.


A deep cut in my hand due to riding in the cold weather.

Bike fail/break:

Chain snapping from 4 peg grind action .

New trick/line:

Trying to make new lines by adding a manual where ever possible.

Thing that scared you:

Trying to relearn trucks and getting no where.

Funny moment:

Watching Homesy drunken night out action, that was so funny to watch, get on Homesy. Check the action here:

Best edit you’ve seen this year:

There have been so many dope edits but I recon this is the best one so far (see left).

Plans/goals for 2012:

Ride abroad for the first time and hopefully go Uni in Liverpool where the street spots are everywhere and are sick.

Would you like to share a video or photo?

See left- such a sick edit and editing by Cal Earnshaw.

Harry Mills


I remember seeing Harry ride when he was a youngster. He rode in a group of kids who were all way too good for their age. This must have been six years ago. Over time most of these riders drifted off, but not Harry; he simply found new people to session with.

This kid kills it wherever he rides; whether it’s park, street or dirt. His background in MX is evident in his style and in the ease in which he controls his bike. Harry is a clear inspiration to the BMX rats in Exeter.

Here’s more from the Boarding House and 4 Down Distribution rider.

Photo: Tom Goldsmith

Photo: Alex Crump

Photo: Jason ‘Fooman’ Colledge

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