The riding term ’loose’ is accurately depicted by Dave Hayward on a bike. I don’t think he has ever had a mellow session whether he’s injured or not. The majority of the time he ends a ride he’s hurt. There are many examples of this, but the time I remember most vividly was a particular session at JLC trails. Dave hadn’t ridden trails for some time and was riding with a knee injury, but after some mishaps he got his trails flow back and was looking comfortable. Fast forward to the end of the evening and out of no-where without warning he spins the big hip, opposite, and eats it good and proper twisting his ankle. For the majority of riders re-learning how to ride trails and riding smooth by the end of the session would have been enough, but for Dave it would have been wrong to go home without attempting a huge sender move.

OK so I’ve painted a picture of a (very) loose cannon. In all fairness he has some big tricks on lock which he actually lands and personally I would love to have even a tiny dose of his fearless attitude. Take this huge Alleyoop in the photo above from the big quarter to the ghetto ramp. It’s insane! Dave may have binned it on the first attempt but this one was clean. He is exciting to ride with and watch and is a good laugh on top. He’s also a decent guy who has done some huge favours for me, for which I am thankful. I tried to return the favour with a getabmx sponsorship deal but he is now a busy man with big responsibilities. This summer Dave will become a dad! Good luck with that and the kid is going to have a crazy good upbringing for sure!

Finally, why only one photo you may ask? Well unfortunately the top photo is the only one worthy enough to portray Dave’s calibre of riding. Putting up amateur photos would be an insult.

All the best mate x

Age: 26

Living in: Sunny old Plymouth

Occupation: Sales at 02

Years riding: 14 (on and off)

Sponsors: The NHS, my girlfriend and now getabmx.

Style or tricks? Bad trick; anything I can land.

Music: Old punk and random shit.

Favourite riding spot: Anything new or anywhere with mates.

Favourite rider(s): No-one in particular. There are too many good riders with good edits.

Favourite quote/advice/motto: Keep trying till you’re broken.

Interesting fact about yourself/the world: I’m only going to ride while it is still fun.

2011 highlight(s): Dislocating my knee FUN FUN FUN! It’s still getting better but will never be the same again. OK that’s not a highlight but getting back on my bike was.

Firsts of 2012

Ride: Sometime in the near year.

Ride (spot): Prime

People you rode with: Greg, Kiel, Tom and other people.

Trick: Lots.

Case: Yes.

Overshoot/flat-landing: Yes

Slam: Too many to count.

Injury/wound: None yet.

Bike fail/break: No breaks yet.

New trick/line: No new tricks yet just re-learning old ones again.

Thing that scared you: Everything scares me right now but that will change when my knee is better.

Funny moment: Seeing what Jay Cowley will do for a bag of Maltesers (Prime christmas session).

Best edit you’ve seen this year: Mark Webb (see below).

Plans/goals for 2012: Get back to riding 100%, keep having fun and meet new people.

Dave Hayward
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