Daryl Brown

The photo you see on your left is one of the most stretched Indian Airs you’ll ever see. Extending tricks to their limit is one of Daryl Browns fortes.

Daryl made the podium of every UK comp he entered in the past three years, a testament to his astonishing level of talent and consistency. It comes as little surprise that he got on a bike before he could even walk.

In 2012, amongst a busy UK and international competition schedule, Daryl is hoping to break two World records: Highest MTB air out of a quarter and highest ramp to ramp jump.

Good luck (not that you’ll need it).

Age: 21

Living in: Hailsham, East Sussex

Years riding: Since I can remember!

Sponsors: Identiti bikes, Duffs, Tsg, Halo, Gusset, Ezo, Manitiou, Hayes, KHE

Style or tricks? Both love going high and style, tricks are also good fun

Music: Dubstep, hiphop

Favourite riding spot: Wisely, Eastbourne skate park, new sets of trails.

Favourite rider(s): All the UK pros

Favourite quote/advice/motto: No pain no gain

Interesting fact about yourself/the world: I got on a kids bike before i could walk!

2011 highlight(s): 3rd FISE experience overall, 2nd Dirt Wars overall, 7th Fise Montpelier


Ride (date) God knows I ride everyday.

Ride (spot) Eastbounre skate park.

People you rode with: Wig L booth.

Trick: 360 whip.

Case: Quarter pipe, then got a flatty.

Overshoot/flat-landing: Never .

Slam: Opposite bar spin.

Injury/wound: Little cut to my arm .

Bike fail/break: Never!

New trick/line: Opposite whips.

Thing that scared you: 720

Funny moment: Whilst in a nice hotel I thought butter was cheese and took a massive bite!!

Why don’t you ride a BMX? I’ve just always had a MTB.

Plans/goals for 2012: Carry on getting good results, break the world record for the highest jump.

Check out his fan Page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Daryl-Brown-Fan-Page/186266191399116

Photo: Szymon Nieborak

Photo: Szymon Nieborak

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