Connor Hoskings

It’s hard to believe Connor has only been riding for a few years. In this short period of time he has made a name for himself in the MTB street community through his street skills and prolific rate of progression.

Connor had a good year in 2011, riding lots and picking up a frame sponsor. 2012 hasn’t treated him so well; he is currently recovering from a wrist injury, but I’m sure Connor will be shredding the streets at full speed in no time.

Here’s more on Connor Hoskings:

Age: 22

Living in: Essex

Occupation: Sales slave at Evans cycles, freelance designer, rider/designer for Illbike, owner of, and my freelance work

Years riding: 2.5

Sponsors: illbikeco

Style or tricks? Style x100000

Music: Hip hop, metal and psychedelic.

Favourite riding spot: Probably still has to be Southbank, London, or XC skatepark.

Favourite rider(s): MTB: Macduff, Plonka, Mayerhofer, Nitcshe, Vishneviy, Sinayko and all of the VVC/LVSM guys. BMX: Matt Roe, Nate Williams.

Favourite quote/advice/motto: Stop being a f*g and just do it/man up/ don’t think just do.

Interesting fact about yourself/the world: I tried to ride BMX when I was 13 but was so fat, clumsy and useless  that I gave up after two months hahaha. Although I still pay more attention to the BMX scene than MTB.

2011 highlight(s): My best friend Vaughan came up and stayed with me when I lived in London as a student for a week. Seven days of riding, pure sunshine (apart from one day) and bro time. Also getting the hook up with illbike, cheers Igor! Getting edits made with AnguSung and riding trails with my other Crux brothers.

Firsts of 2012

Ride: I cant even remember. I was out on my bike when it went into 2012 if that counts.

Ride (spot): Probably shit local spots, no good winter spots here.

People you rode with: All my homies from my hometown! All BMX’rs haha.

Trick: No idea what the first would be, probably a bunny hop if that counts.

Case: I cased a tiny spine the other day, that was embarrassing.

Overshoot/flat-landing: Every sesh.

Slam: Every sesh!

Injury/wound: I cased the side off a ramp to flat gone wrong and landed on my face, cut all my fingers up and did my chest in. I fractured my wrist ten minutes into a session a few weeks ago messing up a tuck no hander which sucks! 2012 has been harsh so far haha.

Bike fail/break: Nothing yet!

New trick/line: Just the other day i got a nose bonk over a flat bench to manual around to a wall ride, and footplants over stuff, damn they're fun. Cant do much at the moment due to my wrist!

Thing that scared you: The thought of putting myself out of action before spring has even started!!

Funny moment: My friend did a spine for the first time a few days ago and landed ass first on his wheel hahaha.

Best edit you’ve seen this year: The full LSVM 2012 edit was better than all the rest!

Why don’t you ride a BMX? I do ride BMX. I did before I rode MTB and I still do regularly. All my friends ride them but I’ve never felt quite at home or as comfortable as I do on a MTB. BMX is like a fun little change to learn some stuff and eat shit a lot before going back on the MTB! MTB feels so much better to ride ramps with. I follow the BMX scene pretty closely though.

Plans/goals for 2012: Get my wrist back up to scratch, get back onto a 24" and shred some shit! I want to make a new edit, a scene edit with all my boys tripping around. Go ride more trails!! And hopefully push ILLBIKE into bigger territory.

Shout-outs? Big up to Igor, all my bro's at home, you Milan for the interview, everyone that follows or supports THE CRUX! And anyone i've ever had a good sesh with. Stay true.

Photo: Ryan N


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