Aidan Horn

Aidan Horn is annoying for two reasons: First, because he progresses at an abnormal rate, and second; cause’ he makes riders like me look rubbish.

The Whitley Bay local likes to through a bar spin or three on his 26” wheeled MTB and isn’t afraid of going upside down. He also has style. There needs to be more big bike riders like this.

For some more background on Aidan have a look at his catch up interview on ridestreet.

Photos by Johnny Haynes

Age: 18

Living in: Whitley Bay, UK.

Years riding: 3 and a half.

Sponsors: Beddo, Dynamic-Style.

Style or tricks? Tricks.

Music: Clubland usually.

Favourite riding spot: Halle5/Wicked Woods/Unit23.

Favourite rider(s): Ferdi Fasel/Matt Macduff/Andrew Ahumada.

Favourite quote/advice/motto: If you believe you can do something, go and do it, its the only way its going to happen.

Interesting fact about yourself/the world: Erm, I’m pretty good at naming capital cities.

2011 highlight(s): The whole year was great, was good to end it with a trip to Germany.


Ride (date): 01/1/12

Ride (spot): Whitley Bay skatepark.

People you rode with: Just all my buddies.

Trick: Barspin haha.

Case: I don’t case!

Overshoot/flat-landing: Saying that, i don’t case, but I do land flat on like everything i do, so its hard to say.

Slam: Backflip.

Injury/wound: Super tweaked shoulder.

Bike fail/break: Snapped rear hub axle.

New trick/line: Double barspin to tyre tap to footjam.

Thing that scared you: Tailwhipping this hip at my local park.

Funny moment: Tailwhip to nacnac lander, i rode out, was soo funny.

Best edit you’ve seen this year: See left.

Why don’t you ride BMX? I’ve always ridden MTB, so why change? It’s what I’m used to and i still enjoy it, so i stuck with it!

Plans/goals for 2012: Go to Germany again, learn flairs and triple trucks.

Anything else you’d like to add, shout-outs etc?

Shoutout to Marius Hoppensack and Peter Fordham from Beddo and DS for being amazing to me!, thanks guys.

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