Jamie Taylor

I’ve known Jamie since I got into trails back in 2004 at Pinesridge. He was the first UK MTB rider to land a barrel roll x-up in competition, winning him Best Trick at Filthy 48 in 2006. He is still riding hard and spending a considerable amount of time upside down.

Age: 23

Living in: Bristol

Years riding: 8?

Sponsors: Just off Spank, on the lookout for a new sponsor

Style or tricks? Stylish tricks

Music: Electro/house

Favourite riding spot: Khole

Favourite rider(s): Aaron Chase, Mark Webb

Favourite quote/advice/motto: When in Rome

2011 highlight(s): Riding Dirt Wars again & Holdshot Jam


Ride (date)

7th Jan

Ride (spot)

Weston Sand Bay

People you rode with

Jake Welby, Dan Cummins, Joe Williams, Dave Blout




Patchway BMX track attempting to clear a jump in a pump race.


Hip on outside line at Woburn


Dropping front end off a kicker at Triscombe and loosing control, managed to bail opposite side of a tree from the bike but slammed the floor hard.


Shoulder from above crash, can't lie on it, feels like somethings popping out the top :S.

Bike fail/break

Tapped back wheel on a fence post at Woburn and the Tire exploded when the sidewall caught a nail.

New trick/line

DH lines at Triscombe

Thing that scared you


Funny moment

Longjump comp off a pump bump at BMX track with Ben Lyon

Best edit you’ve seen this year?

Its from the end of last year but still watched it a few times this year:

Plans/goals for 2012:

Ride bigger and better and more

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