Welcome to Deluxe DVD

Cost: £4.99

Filmed in 2009


Deluxe are a UK based BMX trails component company. I’ve always liked their sleek website and the look of their products. They sponsor some great riders so their DVD caught my eye. Yes thats right, a DVD... In the age of the web edit people rarely buy videos, but watching some decent riding action on a TV will always beat the often poor quality online viewing experience. For not much more than the cost of a pint Deluxe send you a DVD, a couple of posters, some stickers and their catalogue.

The 30 minute video takes you through some of the UK’s most renowned trails spots including Bar End, Chertsey and Village.

The DVD opens with a night ride. Original for sure. While I appreciate that it couldn’t have been easy riding trails in the dark under the odd spotlight, I felt that the section was missing some of the style and tricks I was expecting. It was definitely lacking in the way of big whips and tables, and I was a little disappointed that the section didn’t end with a twist or some other big trick. I am being particularly critical though; it was well filmed and how often do you see people riding trails at night!?

From the second section on it looks like the riders have woken up with a big trails appetite. The style button is on and some crazy combos come out of the closet. You’ll have to wait ten minutes until you see a 360 though (yes twists are my favourite trick).

When The Hives blast out after a series of mellow rock tunes you sense it’s the beginning of the final section. The spot is Wingham, the jumps are large and the trains are in full swing. Everyone’s flowing until the last clip when someone bails from a backflip over a huge jump. It seemed odd to end the video on a downer.

But hang on, it’s not over! What looks like a bonus section appears and with the phrase “No time for tricks, too much style to do” appearing on your screen you know you’re in for a treat, We are taken to Provence, France, for a Peynier trails session. This is easily the highlight of the DVD. The trails are huge and some dude in red jeans (Deluxe rider Maxime Bimar) is boosting like no other and hitting some BIG transfer lines, and the music fits perfectly. You hope that the film is about to take you on tour once again but it’s game over as the end credits appear.

Overall, if you’re into your trails then you can’t go wrong with this. The music’s good, the trails are beautiful and the riding has a nice feel to it. It’s not all about X-Games runs. I wouldn’t bother with the extras though, you can tell why they didn’t make it into the main section. A mess up/bail section would have been good but then maybe they didn’t happen, who knows... Anyway, I look forward to Deluxe’s next instalment.



Review date: March 2012