Declan e............  Lepage

Who is Declan Lepage?

I’m a 17 year old college student studying at Farnborough 6th form, am really into extreme sports and can ride about anything with two wheels and anything to do with a board, you name it! Photography for me started here, seeing all the cool shots that have been produced for athletes and fans to enjoy, so I decided to take the roll of doing that and fell in love with taking photos that matter and that can speak more than any video or memory, so I taught myself how to use an SLR manually, without any help. Over the years this has become something that is part of me. I also create video based edits and have started to enjoy that more and more as well as the photography and I hope to progress further in both to show my own unique ways of doing things. I currently run my own personal site, and my new joint site, which is soon for release (Ed note: now online).

Years shooting:

Three or four.

What got you into taking photos?

The sport itself and magazines.

First photography related memory:

A photo of my dog.

Best photography experience:

Getting Photo of the Day on, then later receiving Photo of the Month for it with 48,000+ views in less than four weeks.

Worst photography experience:

Forgetting my memory cards or having the battery run out (amateur mistake).

Advice for taking a great photo:

for taking photos on dirt jumps in particular, don't use auto focus, instead use manual and focus on the back of the landing, I can guarantee that with a high enough shutter speed your pics will be sharp every time.

Three favourite photographers:

John Bulmer

Nate Christenson

Steve Behr


Photography highlight/achievement:  

Getting 40,000+ views on a photo in less than four weeks.

What do you shoot with?

I currently use a Canon 550d for both photo and film until I get my 5d, and a cheap Canon 55-250 lens so yeah, pretty crap but i have learnt to work with what I have.

Top five photos:

Marcel Hunt

This is my biggest photography achievement, having racked up over 48,000+ views and being selected as Photo of the day and then as Photo of the month on

It all started at a step up we were riding which has since been destroyed by the MOD. I needed a new angle, but I didn't have the lens for it. In fact I don't have much but thankfully Ryan Nangle lent me his fish eye. I climbed into a tree above the landing and scoped this angle and just snapped away demanding a bigger whip from Marcel each time he hit it until this came out and I was pleased.

Ryan Nangle

This is not one of my best shots at all, but I picked it for the sole reason that it brings back a lot of memories and captures what went on that day.

it was the Ram bikes team meet up at Chicksands bike park and it was one hell of a session for the guys. Everyone rode none stop and camera work was taking place left right and centre. I spotted this cool alignment of trees that creating a nice composition so I got the shots with the rider perfectly framed and clicked away. I was chuffed with this.

I used my Canon 550d and a Canon 55-250 lens for this. Here’s another from the day which is cool:

This photo was taken last year at Holdshott farm. It reminds me off summer and shows the strong bond between man and dog. Another thing I particularly like about this shot is the reflection seeming into both of them, which creates a warm feeling.

This was taken with a Canon 550d and a Canon 55-250 lens.

This picture is of youth Wakeboarding world champion Jack Battleday at Jb Ski. It shows the pure athlete in this kid; he's amazing to watch. I was stoked on finding this nice composition and hazy sky to produce this simple but clear shot and I cannot wait to take some more there this year.

Find the whole album of this shoot here:

I thought you might find this one amusing hehe. I took this at Holdshott farm on a nice winters day, the cow didn't seem too bothered but I was quite intimidated by the other 30 next to him, anyhow I stuck the camera in close and got the snap.

There’s nothing much to say about this one but I think it’s interesting aha. Shot with a Canon 550d and Ryan's fish eye.