Who is Connor Danzelman?

A BMX rider and photographer from Exeter.

Years shooting:


What got you into taking photos?

I'd always watched Tom Goldsmith taking them around me so I’d say he was one of my main inspirations. Also it was a way of showing what me and my friends were capable of as most people thought we just ride around in circles.

First photography related memory:

Would have to be Prime a good two years back, Tom Goldsmith got a cool photo of my doing a tire grab air in the back room.

Best photography experience:

Un-boxing a brand new camera all the way from the USA, worth every penny!

Worst photography experience:

I was walking with my old camera and the strap came off, and the camera went smashing to the floor from standing height, luckily it didn't break!

Advice for taking a great photo:

Try to find angles that haven't been used before but don't make it too complex.

Three favourite photographers:

Tom Goldsmith

Craig Tull

Scott MacBride

Photography highlight/achievement:

I haven't had many, probably quite recently getting my pictures used for Jamie Skinners bike check on SouthWestBMX.

Why do you take photos?

It's fun! And someones gotta do it!

Top five photos:

Rider: Ben Comer

I took this photo of Ben doing a tuck no-hander at Dawlish Warren not too long ago. This shot is completely raw and used a 18-55 kit lens on a Nikon D3000. This has to be one of my favourites because of the composition and the sky in the background.

Rider: James Holmes

James double pegging the County Hall kinker rail. Again using a 18-55 kit lens on a Nikon D3000. This is one of the gnarliest rails in Exeter, few have passed the kink.

Rider: N/A

My bike is literally my life. Without it I'd be one of those guys that just stays in to play Xbox. This one was taken quite a while ago and is as it was shot, raw. Using a 18-55 kit lens on a Nikon D3000. I really like this photo because the colours are so vibrant and the Vans stickers suit perfectly.

Rider: Josh Andrews

Josh wall riding into foam at Motion skatepark. This was shot with a 18-55 kit lens on a Nikon D3000. I like the colours in this one; there's nothing too bright and the couple of blue bits of foam really stand out as they are the only real different colours in the photo.

Rider: Jamie Skinner

This was from when we brought the generator and lights down to Flowerpot skatepark. This was shot with my usual 18-55 kit lens on a Nikon D3000 and left raw. This is probably my favourite photo I've ever taken. I like the whole idea of riding in the floodlights and nose-manuals are one of my favourite tricks too. I like how the block is the only thing illuminated and the shadows are really profound.