Words: Damion Lee Devlin

Photos: Damion Lee Devlin and unknown


47 trails are in a town called Dereham in the heart of Norfolk.

History of the trials:

47trails got started as a little mess about in the early days about eight years or so ago. One of my riding buddies had a back gate that led into a small wooded area along the main road and it seemed a good place to mess about on bikes without anyone moaning at us.

Years past and my buddy got a girlfriend and quit riding which meant finding a new way to the trails everyday. There were two options:

Route one: Run across Norfolk’s busiest road;

Route two: Go through a nice housing estate and jump over a fence into highway ground everyday with a spade looking like a criminal.

We chose the first option, the less judgemental route involving certain death everyday. Times moved on and route one was becoming a massive issue with way too many near death experiences... So into the unfriendly neighbourhood I went. After years of smiling and "good mornings" and "good evenings" the local people learnt that I was not just another hoodie messing about and that a lot of love goes into what we do. The trails seem safe for now.

Describe your trails:

A place of awesome, there is too much fun to be had in these woods. There’s a bit of everything really: trails, race jumps, steep tight doubles, table step-up roller things, two mulch (soft bark landings) jumps box size and big box size, and a pump track that leads everywhere which includes 35 in play rollers or more with weird berms and 270berms, oh and also a quarter pipe take off for and banks either side to air either way and learn your park stunts. =)

Main diggers/locals:

Just me really, once a month if I’m lucky a buddy will help patch something, but other than that I have a young ripper living in the next village with his own trails (HoeTrails) and whenever we session together he helps me dig at mine and I help him dig at his. Other than that, all you local riders need to man up and create something of your own.

Updates/changes for 2012:

I want to make the pump track fast but weird with things to play on really. I need to make a more stable trail rail for some rail rides and for hand-plants. I’m going to tweak everything into fun.

Long term trails/digging goals:

To get people to understand that if you’er acting like a nob or if you show up an wreck dirt spots that you haven’t helped with anything at all... You are a liability to the trails and you won’t be welcome. (They might even want to punch you in the face depending on your level of respect).

I would like to ride your trails. Are they open to the public or private/invite only? Is there a local I can contact to ask to ride? And does it matter whether I ride a BMX or a MTB?

Come ride my trails almost anytime.... buuuuuuuuut:

1. Don’t bring mates that do nothing on a bike but seek attention by acting like a nob or drinking booze..

2. Don’t don’t don’t come to my trails to learn how to jump a bike, that sucks for me. (Build your own jump and learn there before riding mine)

3. Don’t come to my trails without asking me, thats so rude and I will be offended. What happened or who went without asking will determine the level of revenge I seek.

Nearby spots:

Hoe Trails are about 20 minutes bike ride away and is a sick spot for levelling up your bike skills. It’s on private land (invite only) but if you’re awesome you may be welcomed.. There is also a cool little concrete skatepark five minutes down the road.

Any jams or contests going on at your trails this year?

There may be talks of something strange going on. =)

47 Trails