Milan Recknagel

Berm Slider

Photo: Marco Wood

We built a new line at Monkey Bumps over the winter of 2013/14 with the vision of creating a set of jumps that felt like being on a roller coaster. The old main line of straight jumps was torn down and replaced with hips, berms, transfers, rollers and one trick friendly double for good measure. 2014 was the year of guinea pigging, slams and mid-summer jump alterations. The following winter saw some major changes which really brought this line alive.

This hip rides like a dream. As any trails guy knows digging is never finished, and there are still alterations to make this winter to get the line that bit better, but this jump is dialled.

I’ve always loved how crisp Marco’s photos turn out and this is no exception. I was actually doing this for my friend who was on the bank next to the trails. He mis-timed the shot but Marco was right on cue.

Shot on a Canon 7d with a Canon 50mm F1.8 lens.

Three runs at Monkey Bumps video

Photo was taken on 12/06/2015