Jamie Skinner

180’ bars

Photo and words: Tom Goldsmith

Jamie Skinner had an edit go up online this week, filmed over 2 days with exception of a couple of clips. Since the edit has come out I felt it was the right time to release these photos, most of which were taken during the filming of his edit. The edit made it onto DIGBMX, RIDEUK and THECOMEUP and seemed to get some good reactions and rightly so as his riding is on lock. Skinner is by far the most dedicated rider I know and really does go all out, ready to give anything a try at any time. Whether it's riding street or park Jamie seems to attract attention and believe me when I say watch this space.


Storbist: 1 Canon 580EXII on 1/1 power to my left, 1 Canon 430EXII on 1/2 power far left. Triggered by skyports.