Harry Mills Wakley


Photo and words: Tom Goldsmith

This shot was taken earlier in the week (June), with the sun shining even at past 8'oclock.

I have been wanting to shoot this gap for ages, as it's just that little bit different from other spots around Exeter.

Took a little white thinking about how to shoot this photo and played around with a few angles before deciding this one was that little bit more interested than your typical picture of a tbog.

Strobist: Canon 580EXII on 1/2 power to my left, Canon 430EXII on 1/1 power further down to my left. Triggered by skyports

Ed note: Another amazing shot by Mr Goldsmith of another ridiculous move pinned by Harry. I hope that Tom continues to shoot while at Uni. It will be interesting to see a different scene from behind the lens for sure. And congratulations for having your photo of Jamie Skinner featured in a Radio add printed in Ride UK BMX magazine. Keep it up!